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Sep 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
to get that behind the scenes. president obama told the united nations general assembly there are no shortcuts to ending the conflict in the middle east. >> peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would be accomplished by now. >> the president is trying to convince mahmoud abas not to ask for formal recognition of a palestinian state on friday. the president says he supports a palestinian state, but only one that results from an agreement between palestinians and isrealis. >> the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the other shoes. >> following the speech, the president met with isreali prime minister, benjamin. >> they want to achieve an international community, but they are not prepared yet to give peace to israel in return. >> president obama affected privately here in new york. but u.s. officials admit, it's unlikely the palestinians will change their minds. >> what's wrong with negotiating it state to state? why do we have to be occupied? >> the white house promises the
Sep 20, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >>> lesli, world leaders are in new york city tonight for a meeting of the united nations general assembly. manuel reports on the showdown that is brewing over palestinian state hood. >> the president will address the u.n. assembly here on friday and plans to submit a written request seeking official recognition. the u.s. is making it clear it will reject any vote for statehood and further negotiations are needed. >> it can be accomplished through actions of the united nations. it will have to be isrealis and palestinians sitting down and dealing with the hard issues that have divided them. >> proisrael demonstrators outside of the u.n. agree. >> it is in one place only. at a peace table. you sit down and negotiate. >> behind the scenes, the u.s. and other mediators are meeting to assert a showdown vote by proposing a solution that both palestine and israel could accept. the president says had will not vow to pressure to negotiate before he makes his plea to the world. manuel, cbs news at the u.n. >> and the white house says president obama has not ruled out meeting with president ab
Sep 23, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. and as promised, he was met with some cheers and, of course, opposition. before the united nations and the general assembly. some members gave them a standing ovation. in their remarks, the president was highly critical of israel. >> yes, now, that is something to occupy whatever and to allow the cities to remain above the law. >> reporter: the prime minister said that the settlements are not the issues. >> the core of the conflict has always been there. un. if gnatly will remain a few of them and the palestinians to recognize the jewish state. >> reporter: both of the presidents told the general assembly that they want peace. even as violence continued in the middle east. >> and they fill the air in the west bank. in one occupied community, the israeli troops killed and shot a palestinian man. thousands of palestinians gathered peacefully to watch them speak. and they could take months to take action on the request. and that the u.s. vows to support israel, promising to use their veto power to stop any resolution for the state hood from passing. and that is including the u.s., they are calling fo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3